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Quality and Safety

Health And Safety

At Flatiron we are committed to ensuring the health and safety of our workforce and the people who live and work close to our projects. To enable us to do this, we operate a robust Health, Safety and Environmental management system which is evaluated for continual improvement in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 ISO

We foster a Health and Safety culture across our sites and believe that it is the responsibility of everyone from Senior Management to our site Workers to try to eliminate accidents from our workplaces. All employees and sub-contractors are given appropriate and ongoing training to make sure they can carry out their work safely and all staff are proactive in continually monitoring and reporting any new hazards so that accidents can be avoided.

Senior Management also make frequent visits to project sites to speak to workers about Health, Safety and Welfare requirements, ensuring that resources are available to implement the Health and Safety policy fully.

We use a risk-based approach in the planning and operation of our projects, seeking ways to eliminate accidents, injury and illnesses, reduce the use of energy and minimize material wastage to prevent pollution.

Flatiron has created a zero incident policy through implementing a 9 point action plan:

Establishing a Scaffolding department.

Investing in new technology and adopting new techniques for construction work.

Training to be provided across the organization to raise the level of awareness from top management to individual employees.

Transparency within the company.

Staff appraisals on a more frequent basis.

Employees will be given a job description for their roles and responsibilities.

Stringent inspections to be conducted for formwork/ scaffolding through 3rd party companies approved by the municipality.

Method statements and risk assessment to be reviewed, taking into account the actual process of works.

Where changes to traditional work practices are introduced, these must be properly communicated to the work force.

Sustainability and the Environment

We recognize the importance of the natural environment and the significance of the ecosystem’s sustainability so we apply ISO 14001:2015 in all our projects.

We fully comply with all sustainability and environmental legislations and work pro-actively with all levels of government, regulatory agencies and our clients to facilitate sustainability and environmental requirements in the early stages of each of our projects.

We are dedicated to preventing pollution and minimizing the adverse impacts of our activities on the natural, built and cultural environment. We also reduce waste through minimization strategies and promote the efficient use of natural resources.


Having been certified ISO 9001: 2015 shows Flatiron management commitment to improvement. Our drive for improvement stems from the fact that we are in a competitive environment and we need to have a competitive advantage.

This essentially ensures our clients that proper methods are employed every time which in essence is reflected in our prices and quality of work.

Quality control programs & procedures that are being implemented through inter departmental activities and inter site work execution are conducted through periodical internal audits and semi annual external audits to assess Flatiron performance in meeting ISO 9001:2015 standards.

We believe that the clients’ interests are best met when there is a perfect balance in how a contractor executes his work to have the optimum quality for money.

“The race to quality has no finish line”

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